apparitions i color

Witches, ghosts and apparitions, i.e. the eerie, ghostly elements can be an external reflection of an internal state.  What do ghosts look like?
A shadowy figure hurries through the door. "It has a skeletal body surrounded by a white, blurry aura. In mythologies of many Western cultures, a ghost is a dead person who interacts with the world of the living. In stories, a ghost can whisper or moan, make things move or drop. In the everyday life of big cities, I have always encountered faces that appear ghostly or from another world, faces that have always fascinated me as a photographer, inscrutable in their own mystery, like Vermeer's paintings. 
Pictures were taken in Paris, Venice, Riga, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Saigon and Cologne as well as at locations in Zimbabwe, Borneo, Burma and Indonesia.

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